We’ve Been Nominated for a Tulsey Award

Apparently people are paying attention to our success.

It is an honor to announce that Launch Academy has been nominated for a Tulsey award!  From being a guest speaker at local universities, to directing a literacy project at Marshall elementary school, and being awarded the 2011 Oklahoma DaVinci Scholar Award, my love for Tulsa only grows.  But the children of this great city deserve just as much of a great education system.  Many schools do it right in Tulsa – and for that I am proud to be a Tulsan educator.  But some are behind the times.  And it is for those students that I created Launch Academy – to give their success lift off.  Everybody deserves a chance to succeed and has the right to be taught principles of success – both academic success and life success.

Launch Academy has strived and continues to mentor these qualities of creativity, collaboration, communication, goal-setting, time-management, and technology literacy.  Everyone can be a genius and we continue to prove that.

Voting is from October 10 – November 1st and you can vote once a day!  Share this post and show your pride for being a Tulsan!


Stay Smart.

Dominick Cooper, Director of Launch Academy and Tulsey Nominee

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