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I just wanted to give you a heads-up about tomorrow. Dominick Cooper here just want to give you a heads-up about tomorrow’s ACT test and offer you some advice on ACT Prep or ACT Tutoring. Don’t forget the essentials – that’s going to include your calculator.  It’s super important. Don’t forget that this is also going to include two number two pencils as well as an ID (if you’ve had any ACT Prep, you should already have these set up and set aside). Make sure you bring all those things and of course also make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. if you have a game tonight, which a lot of athletes do, as soon as you get home go to bed. don’t stay up. no video games, no hanging out with friends, no after-party – just go to bed.


in addition to that when they do take the test tomorrow make sure that you find your red Polo. know what I mean by that? if you look at any Tiger Woods video, at the last day of his tournaments, he is always wearing a red Polo. now why do you think that is? The red Polo signifies that he is on top of his game. the red Polo just feels confident. Does wearing a red dyed polo shirt make him a better golfer? absolutely not. But that puts him in a better state of mind and I’m sure that that affects his performance. so tomorrow find out what it is that makes you feel on top of your game. maybe you want you know quad venti Frappuccino from Starbucks or maybe you know you just feel awesome when you are rocking the Lululemon. so whatever it is that makes you in the best mindset possible, your most confident mindset that’s what you need to do. me personally Red Bulls and beef jerky – that’s what makes me tick. You know a heart attack waiting to happen but thankfully I only do it when the ACT comes around or I’m doing ACT Prep. the other thing too when you get to the sections remember these key facts.

English section: English, big thing is going to be comma rules. do not forget that when you see a comma, put a pause there and see if it sounds okay.  If it doesn’t sound okay you don’t need a comma. another thing with the English section is you have time to plug in all of your answer choices into the sentence. So make sure that you read the complete sentence with those substitutions. you’re going to have enough time I guarantee you.

second thing, math section. do not forget to charge your calculator tonight first off. you’d be surprised how many students forget. Another thing, don’t forget your calculator. that’s another thing a lot of students do. with that in mind if you are shooting between a 21 and a 24 try to get the first 30 questions correct and then guess on the rest. accuracy is what’s going to lead to getting those big point games so focus on doing the questions accurately even if it’s sacrifices you hitting every question during the time allotted. now with that being said if you’re shooting for something higher maybe 27 or 28 shoot for the first 40 questions. with this in mind you should be able to hit the numbers or somewhere close to that goal.

now when it comes to the reading and science first thing you’re going to be exhausted after the first half of the test. you’ve been sitting there for a couple hours now at least and you’re going to be hungry. don’t forget to bring food with you. I recommend trail mix you know something sweet something very nice or even something even you know chocolate and sugary. your brain uses the majority or I should say not the majority but a significant amount of glucose in your body so sugar is going to be imperative to fuel that going forward. reading section second-half the ACT progresses a lot faster than the first half. the reading section you got three thousand words 40 questions 35 minutes don’t let that freak you out. if you just focus on doing the two passages that seem the most interesting to you and then guess on the remaining Twenty Questions you will end up with somewhere around the 22 or 23 on the reading passage. that’s it – two passages within that 35 minutes if you do them accurately you’re sitting at an above average score and if you can bump that to three passages accurately now you’re looking at like a 26 or 27 which would be fantastic. that’s what you were the top students between 80th and 90th percentile there.

science same thing goes there. focus on the passages that are most interesting and seem to be the easiest to you because accuracy is what’s going to get you the points. again not hitting all the questions – you don’t get points for just looking at a question you get points for getting them right. So take the time to do them correctly. and if you can do that, actually I just got done with the session where I was talking to another student about this – if you can do all of the passages without doing the conflicting Viewpoint passage that’s the one where you have scientist one scientist two and you’re able to do them at an 80% accuracy rate you will end up with a 23 on the science section. so get this – your doing less than 80% accuracy rate that still means you can miss one out of every five and you’ll end up with a 23 or 24. absolutely do that. Obviously, if you’re looking to get a higher score, you’ll have to bump that percentage of accuracy percentage from say 80 to 90% hopefully. ACT Prep can help with that. 100% is what the ultimate goal is. so that kind of wraps up everything about the ACT tomorrow. good luck. again the score should be out in about 10 to 14 days after the test so let us know. by the way I know it’s probably extremely dangerous for me to be driving and have video going but just so you know I am safe. so good luck tomorrow and let us know how you do. You can call us at 918-471-2555 or visit us online at

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