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When it comes to the ACT and ACT tutoring, not a lot of people realize that you actually have to study quite a bit in order to get a good score on it. Just as an example, we had one tutor took nearly fifteen Practice Act tests prior to taking the ACT test and he ended up getting a 34! Now, if you average about 5 hours of work for each test between actually taking it and reviewing your answers, that’s 75 hours of ACT prep! What is incredible though is that with that ACT score he got a full ride to University of Washington. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Now, when we work with students, usually we don’t need 75 hours of tutoring. That’s because we analyze what specific concepts are going to be tested on the ACT and which ones are going to give you the most bang for your buck. As an example, we focus on the Pythagorean theorem and solving equations in math and we also focus on commas and subject-verb agreement for English. Those are just examples. As far as getting a good score goes though, there is actually about a hundred different concepts for each section, depending on what score you want to get.

I say depending on what score you want to get because each Act test is a little bit different. Depending on whether you are looking at a 24 or 34 will determine how much stuff you actually need to know. Accuracy is always going to be key and so we also focused on test taking strategies and techniques as well in our ACT Tutoring. I don’t know about you, but I know that test taking skills are essential to do well on the ACT. Just knowing the content isn’t going to be enough to do well on the ACT – we emphasize this in the ACT tutoring.

I remember when I took the ACT, the reading section is always the hardest. Reading 3000 words of text and answering 40 questions going to be daunting for anybody, especially when you have to do it in 35 minutes. Add on to that the fact that you have been taking a test for the last 2 hours and it’s downright intimidating. We help students by focusing on speed reading and also answering the questions in an order that maximizes their time. Again, accuracy is key on the ACT. If you can get through two passages with 100% correction and guess on the remaining questions, you’ll probably end up with somewhere around at 22, which is actually above average! Accuracy is going to be the biggest needle mover as far as your score goes.

Now if you’re not quite sure what you need to do to move your ACT score, I suggest giving launch Academy a shout! Not only our coaches required to have at least a 30 or higher on the ACT for our ACT tutoring but they’re actually paid based on how much your student approves. Could check them out at www.LaunchAcademyTulsa.Com or you can give him a call at 918-471-2555. The choice is simple. Call launch academy for one on one coaching for your student and watch their ACT score improve. Not only that, you will also see them scholarship opportunities!

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