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Throwback interview to Dominick Cooper discussing ACT/SAT Prep with Julie Chin! We love Julie and Great Day Green Country!

If you’ve done any research on Tulsa Tutoring, you’ve probably heard of Launch Academy. Originating in 2008 out of a college dorm room, Launch Academy was started with a simple, but profound goal – to provide Tulsa tutoring that taught student’s not just what to learn but also how to learn. With that, Dominick Cooper, Founder of Launch Academy Tutoring Company, began building a system that emphasized learning tools over just completing homework requirements.

Now, Dominick himself is no noob to the game of school. He received his degree in mathematics and education and was a teacher in Oklahoma for 6 years (many of those also doing tutoring through Launch Academy). He also got a 32 on his ACT and graduated with a full-tuition scholarship. On top of that, he also found that he had a knack for test-taking. Although he studied meticulously for tests, there was always one or two questions that came out of nowhere. His street smarts (academic street smarts) helped navigate those tricky questions and eventually graduate with honors.

After graduating, he poured his energy into his classroom during the day and launch academy during the evening. Tulsa tutoring was a hot commodity for many parents and students and, after only a few years, he found the need to make the jump into the business fulltime. Since then, Launch Academy has continued to grow by leaps and bounds every year. Hiring on rockstar academic coaches and producing an ACT Boot Camp crash course, he’s made it a point to try to see ahead of the curve and with that, a new goal of launch academy was birthed – to help students get into their dream college with little to no debt.

To meet that goal, he opened up Launch Academy’s services to not only include ACT prep but also scholarship help, college counseling, and even aptitude tests to help students determine their majors. Parents and students loved these new services and soon afterwards life skills were added. Now students can get coaching for their academics alongside piano lessons, martial arts, the microsoft office suite, and many other areas. This growth was a boost of excitement for both Launch Academy and the Tulsa area.

Since that time, Launch Academy has currently become the most rated tutoring company in the Tulsa area with over 100 reviews between google, facebook, and other online sources. With a 4.9 rating, it is no wonder that they are highly sought after. If you are looking for Tulsa tutoring, don’t delay! Give them a call at 918-471-2555 or visit them online at www.launchacademytulsa.com. You won’t regret it!

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