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Act / sat prep program

While we do offer high-quality tutoring services for pretty much any subject, we also have our own innovative SAT/ACT prep program. It combines the best techniques from expert test-takers, award-winning publications, and some advice from criminals.

Wait, what?

If you haven’t heard of Sam Eshaghoff, you should. He took the SAT 16 times for other people (which is illegal) but he scored consistently.

Consistently in the 97th percentile.

Think he knew what he was doing? We do too. So we took notes and used them in combination with other research-based approaches to getting a better ACT/SAT score.

Now, whether it’s ACT/SAT prep or a quick 1-lesson refresher before finals, our tutoring has NO SIGN-UP FEE and NO CONTRACTS. You pay for what you need. That being said, we do have “recommended” programs that have been carefully engineered to address the specific needs different parents (and students) might have.

These programs are broken up into different lengths, based on the specific area the student is needing help with.

Below is a break down of some of our current ACT/SAT program lengths and descriptions. Of course, it is modified depending on whether you take the SAT or ACT.

Areas of Study


This is the first section your student will encounter and, after reviewing dozens of ACTs, we know what specific grammar rules are tested. From commas to semicolons to the purpose of an essay, we leave no grammatical stone unturned.


Without a doubt, mathematics can be the trickiest section for many students. Our signature program refreshes students on each essential concept they would encounter, with practice questions to check for understanding.


Our reading program emphasizes two concepts - reading comprehension and speed reading. With these 2 skills, students can and will excel on this section.


The big secret is that the science section is really a science "reasoning" section. That means, with logic and practice on the right concepts, any student can increase their score.


While most Oklahoma universities do not require the writing portion of the ACT, many out-of-state colleges (as well as the SAT, in general) do. We know what essay readers look for and help students craft top-score essays.

Test-Taking Techniques

Is your student a great academic but a terrible test-taker? This program is for you. We go through each section of the ACT, showing them how to use logic and common-sense tools to eliminate wrong answers and choose the right one.


If you decide to get tutoring in more then one subject, you’ll receive an additional bundling discount!

Spots are limited, so if you’re looking for a program that is innovative, reliable, and designed to get high scores, then call us at 918-471-2555 today!

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