Why Taking the Summer Off is a Poor Academic Decision for Your Child

Why Taking the Summer Off is a Poor Academic Decision for Your Child

This content was written for Launch Academy

Algebra for students can be a tough subject, and a lot of people are looking for tutoring for algebra Tulsa. When looking for a tutor for algebra or really any other subject it’s critical that you find somebody who has a track record of success with many students from varying backgrounds and learning styles. Not every student learns the same way and if you don’t have a tutor who is experienced in helping many different types of students than the tutoring may not prove successful.

Luckily if you live in Tulsa, you have Launch Academy Tutoring Company. The tutors at Launch Academy Tutoring Company are some of the best in the business. They have worked with a plethora of children and students of all ages with all different types of learning styles and abilities. They boast extremely successful results based on analytics and analytics don’t lie.

The average ACT score of a student who uses the ACT prep program with Launch Academy Tutoring Company is a whopping 27. The magic is in the numbers and the hours spent in actual tutoring for algebra Tulsa. Total hours of tutoring completed so far by Launch Academy Tutoring Company is 4200 hours and counting. This number is rapidly increasing because of the large demand of students wanting to be tutored at Launch Academy Tutoring Company. And last but definitely not least is parent satisfaction scores. Parents are by far the hardest critics when it comes to their own children and the results of their children are getting based on the tutoring provided. Launch Academy Tutoring Company has a 98% satisfaction rating with its student’s parents. That last 2% is simply people who are never happy with any level of service, you know the type.

The range of subject tutoring at Launch Academy Tutoring Company is enormous. On top of the tutoring for algebra Tulsa there are 50+ more guaranteed subjects that Launch Academy Tutoring Company can to do wuth your child. They tutor people all the way from pre-K clear up until premed. You can almost guarantee that if it’s a mainstream subject Launch Academy Tutoring Company will be able to tutor your child on it. Their goal is a 100% success rate in every student they tutor learning the subject and the skills that they came in to be tutored on.

On top of all the tutoring programs that they offer they also offer summer academic programs. The famous author Malcolm Gladwell has stated that the difference between an extremely successful student and an unsuccessful student is what they do in the summer with their academics. Malcolm Gladwell will argue that the successful students continue with their academic studies throughout the summer, so they are not starting over when school starts back up. The people at Launch Academy Tutoring Company couldn’t possibly agree more with Malcolm Gladwell when it comes to this. This is why they offer summer programs to ensure your child continues to learn and doesn’t backslide in their time off from school in the summer months.

Find a Tutor with Many Hours of Tutoring

This content was written for Launch Academy

Is your child struggling to learn algebra? The experts in tutoring for algebra Tulsa. Can help you with that and they are found at Launch Academy Tutoring Company here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Algebra can be hard to learn for some students. The expert tutors at Launch Academy Tutoring Company know the tricks and methods to help any student grasp the mathematical concepts of algebra so they can fully comprehend and pass the course to continue to move up the ranks in math. When searching for a tutor for algebra you want to ensure that that tutor has worked with students from a wide range of learning backgrounds and histories because every student learns a little differently and if your tutor doesn’t have a wide scope of practice they may not be able to assist your child.

The tutors at Launch Academy Tutoring Company have amassed a whopping 4200 hours and counting of tutoring hours. This ensures that the tutors at Launch Academy Tutoring Company have somebody on their staff that is going to be able to help your child master the mathematical concepts of algebra. Tutoring for Algebra Tulsa can be difficult if you have not amassed such a large amount of hours and don’t have a staff of tutors who are experts at what they do. So when looking for a tutor ensure that you are with the experts so that you don’t waste any time, money, or frustrations for your child or for yourself.

Aside from algebra and the 50+ other subjects that Launch Academy Tutoring Company offers to tutor on they also offer a life skills training program. The life skills training program is a program designed to teach your children how to be successful in life. Something that is sorely missing from most educational institutions and public schools. In this program, they teach your child proper goal setting techniques, how to manage their time, how to manage their finances, and how to create habits for a successful life. This program is one of a tremendous programs that your child could ever go through.

If you want your child have the best possible choices when it comes to college, and you want to get your child into Launch Academy Tutoring, Companies ACT and SAT preparatory course. This way they can assure that have the highest possible score on their ACT and SAT tests to be able to choose whatever college they want to go to. The last thing you want is your child to be limited in their college choices because they didn’t properly prepare for the ACT and SAT standardized tests. The average score on the ACT for students that have gone through and participated in the ACT prep courses at Launch Academy Tutoring Company is a marvelous 27.

Speaking of college Launch Academy Tutoring Company also offers college services in the form of helping you and your child maximize your college dollars to ensure they go as far as possible towards your kid’s education. To learn more about Launch Academy Tutoring Company and their tutoring for algebra Tulsa visit www.launchAcademyTulsa.com

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