ACT and SAT Prep

ACT and SAT Prep

This content was written for Launch Academy

Many kids need tutoring for algebra Tulsa and luckily in Tulsa Oklahoma; there is a company that goes by the name of Launch Academy Tutoring Company, who has some of the best algebra tutors in the business. The tutors at Launch Academy Tutoring Company have amassed 4200 hours in total tutoring. This number continues to grow at a rapid pace as the tutors at Launch Academy Tutoring Company are in high demand because of the amazing results they get with their students.  They are so successful in their tutoring in getting their students to understand the subject matter that they offer a results guarantee which is part of their equation for success.

The other two factors that factor into this equation for success are hiring only expert level tutors and having those expert level tutors work one-on-one with their students. This one-on-one interaction allows every question of the student to be answered in a specific and individualized format to allow for different learning styles and capabilities.

There are a lot of tutoring for algebra Tulsa tutors however not all tutors are created equal. When you’re looking for a tutor or a tutoring company you want to ensure that they have amassed a lot of hours in the trenches with students. Number two you want to ensure that it is one-on-one tutoring and not group tutoring. Number three you want to ensure that there is a results guarantee so that you are not out your money if your child does not grasp the techniques. All three of these things are covered in the success formula that Launch Academy Tutoring Company uses to run its business.

Not only does Launch Academy Tutoring Company have tutoring for algebra Tulsa, but they also have tutoring in well over 50 other subjects ranging all the way from pre-K to premed subjects. They are the top of the top when it comes to tutoring your child. They are more experienced, more knowledgeable, and more successful than the majority of other tutors and tutoring companies available today.

They offer eight different areas or programs for their students and clients. One of the most important things these days for children to get into a good college is their standardized test scores. We are talking about the ACT and the SAT standardized tests here.

Launch Academy Tutoring Company understands this and therefore has two, not just one, but two programs to help ensure that your child gets the absolute best possible score on these tests so that they are not limited by their test score in which college they want to attend. Their first prep course is an ACT and SAT prep course that helps improve and tweak their scores over a longer period of time. The second course is more of a crash course that they call their ACT boot camp. It is highly recommended that your child does both the longer term course and the shorter course. The longer course is going to cement a lot of the test taking skills in their brain, and they can practice them overtime. The crash course can be a quick refresher that they take the weekend before they actually take the ACT to make sure that they are sharp, and their skills are ready.

Don’t Let Your Child Get Behind in Algebra

This content was written for Launch Academy

Learning algebra is critical to your child’s success in the field of math. So even if your child is maybe slightly struggling with algebra you may want to think about tutoring for algebra Tulsa at Launch Academy Tutoring Company. The more proficient your child is at algebra, the easier the following math courses will be for them. However, if they are already struggling with algebra than each successive class after it will just be escalating in difficulty for them to grasp. You want to set your kid up for success in math get them into the tutoring for algebra Tulsa course at Launch Academy Tutoring Company right here in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The other course that comes highly recommended no matter what subject your child may not be as proficient in is the life skills training program put on by Launch Academy Tutoring Company. The life skills training program teaches your child how to be successful in life. Covering things like how do you manage your time to be as efficient as possible and get as much done as possible. They teach your child how to set powerful and achievable goals that will ensure that they are continually progressing forward. They teach your child how to create lifelong habits that will ensure their success no matter their situation or lot in life. This is a must take course for your student if you live in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child got a 100% full ride scholarship to their college of choice? This is a very real possibility if you enroll your child in the national merit prep program at Launch Academy Tutoring Company. This specific program is designed to help your child become a National Merit Scholar which provides them the extremely beneficial opportunity to get a full ride scholarship to well over 50 colleges around the United States. The tiny investment that you’ll put into the national merit Program at Launch Academy Tutoring Company is extremely small small when compared to the amount of money that you could save if they do in fact become a National Merit Scholar and get a full ride scholarship to some of the best and most prestigious colleges in the United States.

The summer programs offered through Launch Academy Tutoring Company are one of the biggest hits and one of the reasons that the students who utilize the programs at Launch Academy Tutoring Company are so academically successful. Whenever you take three full months off of anything, you’re going to lose a decent amount of skill and forget how to do things. So the team at Launch Academy Tutoring Company want to make sure that your kid starts the next school year ahead of where they left the last school year instead of doing what most kids do, and that’s start the school year behind where they left off the previous school year. Malcolm Gladwell, a famous author, says that the difference between a successful student and an unsuccessful student is what they do with their academics during the summer months. The successful students continue their academic studies and the unsuccessful students do not. The choice is yours.

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