In the Fight for the Classroom, Which superhero are you?

The AvengersWritten by Oklahoma DaVinci scholar, Director of Launch Academy, and University Guest Speaker


2012 – the year the world ends?

Ha! More like the year of movie greatness!

The Avengers exploded the box office about a month ago and I personally went and saw it twice! Funny, action-packed, incredible, and, as always, made me think about school and learning!

I know, I am beyond hope.

Just as the Avengers…Pardon me, I meant THE AVENGERS is a group of some of the greatest superheroes in the Marvel universe, so every classrooms seems to have these same 5 personalities floating around. Sometimes it’s very well known which superhero you are, but this little breakdown should give you some light to your inner superhero.


Captain America

You’re the epitomy of goodness. You don’t cheat, you always encourage, and, while you’re pretty dang good at what you do, you never puff yourself up about it. But where did your superpower come from? A mysterious chemical that amplified what was already inside you. Usually this is a parent, best friend, or someone similar that made you want to be a better person and you simply answered the call. The Captain America is a steady, focused, and generally unstressed classroom superhero who always does his best and gives his all – no matter what.


The Hulk

HULK SMASH!!! You, my friend, are a dangerously intense force of power. You’re the one who sits in the back usually, possibly goofing off, letting the homeworks crumple up in your backpack for several weeks before turning them in. And then you get your midterm grade. WHAT?! This grade is definitely NOT you (you won’t like me when I’m angry!) You suddenly know that it’s time to buckle down and bust through the rest of the semester. You know how homeworks and tests with some crazy energy from you don’t where! It’s intense! It’s exhausting! And you promise you won’t let yourself fall behind again like that! But, just like The Hulk, you inevitably have another “episode,” in which you unleash that monstrous, academic beast within.


Iron Man

Arrogant. Happy. Cool. and you have every right to be. The Iron Man student is just naturally gifted, especially in math and science. You don’t know school comes easy to you but it does and you’re not afraid to let other students and your teachers know about it. You’re the kid who has a 105% in the class and still asks for extra credit. You typically have a plan of where you’re going in your life and have a very high self-esteem (maybe borderline narcissism). Your talents and goals have no boundaries and you tackle each class and each task with the same ease and “I got this” attitude as you’ve always done. But don’t be fooled. While The Iron Man student has incredible academic ability, they usually have a soft heart and will help those who need it and stand up for any injustice.


Black WidowHawkeye

You are the master of arguments. The validator of the ridiculous. You are so good at mooching and manipulating, you could eat off campus if you wanted to. And the crazy part is, nobody knows how you do it! It’s because you’re a natural. Extremely high in interpersonal and verbal intelligence, you’re able to read people very well and also convey your own thoughts very well. English classes and debate classes are your shining trophies. For the more difficult classes, you seem to always find a way to convince the teacher to “not take up homework today” or “curve the test” or “not give homework because it’s Friday.” Like The Black Widow or Hawkeye, your attacks are subtle, swift, and deadly accurate. While you know very well you could use your natural talents for some serious bad stuff, you have chosen the higher road and stand for justice everywhere you go.



You’re a god. Naturally gifted, especially in sports, you wield an unearthly strength to overcome any academic obstacle. All-nighters studying? Piece of cake. Workout til nine o’clock and then start studying and wake up refreshed? You could do that everyday. Forgot to read the last 5 chapters of your homework? Done in 2 hours. Nobody really knows how your brain works because your brain isn’t human! And for especially difficult tasks, you seem to harness the power of thunder itself. You may feel like you don’t fit in at times and that feel as though are called for greater things than where you are, and this drive is what propels above your peers and into your deep dreams and limitless potential.

Which superhero are you?? Leave a comment, share, enjoy your summer, and enjoy some great movies!



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