The Bad Boy of Calculators

Ah, TI-84s and TI-85s. The calculator of choice.

For monkeys.

This new bad boy that’s on the market just may be the worst nightmare of standardized testing.

Introducing the TI-89.

“What’s that? You want me to find the factors of x^5-3x^2 – 3? No problem.”

You literally have to just put the problem into the calculator and it solves it for you. Calculus and differentiation? No sweat.

No formulas.

No carrying the 1.

Just the right answer.

And the best part.


Are they crazy?! Maybe.

Or maybe they’re geniuses.

Either way, you get the benefits and the potential of acing the math section of the SAT! The ACT hasn’t allowed it yet, but they do allow you to use the TI-Nspire, which is a pretty attractive cousin. If you get either of these, play around with it, install a couple programs into it, and your next ACT math score could be
saying 800 on it.

Of course, what kind of a state-of-the-art tutoring company would we be if we didn’t have these calculators available for our students to use also? And of course, ours come loaded with programs pre-installed too.

Remember, work harder AND smarter! Use every resource available and I have full confidence you’ll come out strong.



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