Preparing for the Super Bowl… i.e. the ACT

By Nick Wagoner, President of Up Academy Tulsa, Senior Life Skills Director for Launch Academy Tutoring Company in Tulsa, Founder of Wagoner & Friends Foundation, and Project Manager for charity events in the Tulsa area.


5 Guaranteed Methods to Improve Your ACT Score

You’ve prepared all year for this. Your family is rooting for you. Your teacher has given you their best pep talk. And the ACT test is days away. I’m not talking about football. It’s the ACT. And you’ve studied your little heart out. Now it is time for the big game.


Or should you dread it? I have good news for you. I have 5 strategies used by Launch Academy that will allow you to walk into that testing center and look that proverbial 350 lbs. linebacker test in the face and say, “you are going down!”


(This is YOU trash talking the ACT)


So Here Are The 5 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Your ACT score.

1) Do Sample Problems.

The night before or the morning of the test do sample questions from each section of the test. i.e. English, Math, Science, and Reading. You can do this with a friend or yourself. Whatever works best for you.


2) Get Plenty of Sleep.

Allowing yourself to get a good night’s sleep should always be a priority but even more so the night before your test. Cramming the night before is the worst thing you can do. A well-rested brain is much more likely to respond under pressure.


3) Arrive Early to the Testing Center

Arrive early: This will help you avoid unnecessary stress in the immediate period before your exam. Allow for traffic, check the weather reports for exam day, or even travel to an external exam location in advance to get an idea of how long it will take you to travel there on the day of the exam.


4) Visualize a Positive Outcome / Have a Good Attitude.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner,

you must plan to win, prepare to win,

and expect to win.”

– Zig Ziglar


Picture yourself sitting at your desk taking the test. Imagine all of the answers bubbling effortlessly to the top of your consciousness. Visualize your target score. You’ve done all you can to prepare, now enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re giving it your all. Take pride in your new-found test skills.


5) Get Up Earlier Than Normal and Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eat moderately before your exams; avoid a heavy meal. If you eat too much, your brain will have to devote energy to the process of digestion. On the other hand, if you skip a meal altogether, your brain will have inadequate fuel to function well. Aim for nutritional balance and moderation. Research has proven that your brain performs more efficiently when well-hydrated and fueled.


Carpe ACT! (i.e. Seize the Act!)

If you have any questions about techniques or thing that you can do today to best prepare you for the ACT, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! You can do that by clicking here.

Up Academy President,

Nick Wagoner

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