Summer Math Fun

Summer Math Fun

This article was written for Launch Academy.

With the school year coming to a fast close it’s time to start preparing for the next. There’s no better way to do so them by working with Launch Academy  Tulsa math help. The school year brings a new set of challenges for your student to overcome and a new set of tests for your students to study for. Arm them with the proper knowledge and confidence to make straight A’s this upcoming school you. Give them a call at 918-853-5243 to get any needed information on their summer tutoring programs and Tulsa math help.

Launch Academy is a tutoring company that is dedicated to the development of young minds. They have a state-of-the-art training facility and season tutoring professionals to help your student gain knowledge and confidence in any area of learning. Math seems to be one of the biggest struggles for students in testing. With the new structure of the school system there is been more emphasis placed on testing than ever before. By working with Launch Academy your ensuring your student success in these new testing programs.

This Academy was founded by Dominick Cooper of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2011 he was selected as one of Oklahoma’s DaVinci scholars, an award that is delivered to the most prestigious educators and creative teachers in Oklahoma. He was also nominated in 2013 for Tulsa’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Launch Academy is backed by one of Oklahoma’s best entrepreneurs and educators that is dedicated to young mind development. He works alongside several other awarded educators in the Oklahoma area who possess a unique set of skills. They form an incredible team that is noted for producing great results.

Not only does this program offer a great way for your students to hone their educational skills over the summer but offers them a great place to hang out. It is a friendly environment that has an atmosphere of learning and growing. Not only can they help your student with math but they can also help your student with any AP program or a CT that is upcoming in the future. Breanna Cooper is one of the great team members out Launch Academy. She herself scored a 32 on the AZT and attended the University of Tulsa on a Fulbright scholarship. Through this program she is able to regurgitate the skills and disciplines needed to achieve such academic honors.

It is a highly comforting feeling to know that right here in Tulsa we have an Academy is dedicated to the development of young. It is apparent through their staff they are capable of teaching your students not only the necessary skills required to make good grades in school but to achieve success in life. Their staff has years and years of experience as educators and are awarded throughout the Oklahoma area further educating excellence. If you’re looking for math help and also look no further than Launch Academy to meet all of your students summer learning needs. To check out the programs they have to offer give them a call at 918-853-5243.

Summer; A Time to Learn

This article was written for Launch Academy.

For many students, the end of this school year marks their right of passage as a senior in high school. That only means one thing, it’s time to start looking for math help in Tulsa. Watch Academy offers several diverse ACP training programs to get you where you need to be to get scholarships for college. They also offer extensive math help for students still attending primary school. They offer guaranteed results, one-on-one tutoring and superior tutors. To check out all of the great services they have to offer your student this summer give them a call at 918-853-5243.

With only 15 spots available their summer ACT boot camp program is exceedingly popular. They offer this for students who are dedicated to pursuing a higher education and are willing to seek one-on-one tutoring. Not only that, but with the exceeding college tuition rising more than 600% since the 1980s higher ACT scores help students get scholarships and grants. This can be extremely vital to students seeking higher education that comes from a family that is not able to provide tuition. Even at local community colleges base tuition for a semester can range in the lower number of $1200. For many students that kind of money is an unrealistic amount for school.

Signing up for their summer boot camp program offers you the ability to save money, avoid dead and set yourself up for academic success and financial stability. Along with their intense summer camp program they offer life skills training programs. These help students set goals, work toward them strategically and accomplish them in a timely manner. Learning to set goals early in life is crucial for future successes both financially and relationally. Launch Academy is a great place for your students to get plugged in over the summer to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges.

Getting math help in Tulsa has never been so easy. By visiting their website at you can see firsthand what their program has to offer for your student. The summertime presents great relaxation for students but also can provide a little too much relaxation for the brain. In the early years of life repetition is essential for developing math skills. In order to maintain higher grades, better test scores and get scholarships a repetitive math program is necessary. Working with Launch Academy ensures access to the necessary skills to create educational habits that will last a lifetime.

Tulsa only has one home for tutoring, education and goal setting. Launched Academy is able to make your students educational achievements a reality through their superior educators and educational programs. Working with him not only gives your student a great summer outlet that sets them up for the next school year. It sets them up for better test results, overall better grades and an overall outlook on life. Being able to afford yourself the ability of a higher education through hard work and determination will change the trajectory of your students life. Don’t hesitate to give them a call today and see how to get plugged in to their summer boot camp programs before their 15 spots fill up. They can be reached at 918-853-5243 Monday through Friday.

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