The iPhone 5 and what it means for education

By Dominick Cooper, director and lead creative tutor of Launch Academy, Winner of the Davinci Scholar Award, and University Guest Speaker

The trendy and hipster are out in packs again as Apple releases the iPhone 5!

While it has been bashed as only having a “bigger screen” (.5 inches, to be exact), there are some other notable improvements.  While I’m still waiting for an iPhone that can double as an Ironman chest piece, the new one does have some cool specs and some interesting implications for the classroom!

1) A faster processor

Equipped with the new A6 processor, the iPhone 5 is reported to be 2x as fast as the iPhone 4s.  This capability makes it great when you have to switch back and forth between several applications (text, email, spotify, wolframalpha, etc).  So, as students’ educational tools begin to become centralized on their cellphone, this capability will prove to be quite important.

2) Better iCloud sync

With the new iOS6, your iPhone data automatically gets synced across all other iOS6 devices whenever you make changes – kind of like google docs.  This can be extremely helpful if students were to take notes in their iPhone or iPad.  It could immediately be synced to their home computer on iTunes.  You could even create a virtual e-notebook and possibly even a growing textbook that can be shared among all students – that would be cool!

3) Improved Siri Model

Improved Siri means better answers for your questions!  Within the 4s generation, Siri could already solve many math problems and historical facts simply by asking them – “What day did World War II end?” “What’s 35% of 231?” “How many liters are in 24 gallons?” With the new iPhone5, these capabilities are strengthened and it’s been improved to understand a variety of more commands.

With all the new smart technology and the growth of communications, internet, and wifi, education is on the cusp of revolution (whether politicians like it or not).  The new Iphone 5 will be sure to help any students looking to take their academics to the next level and transform learning into a lifestyle.


Stay Smart.


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