Memorial Day Blowout

Look at this.


A famous study by Dr. Harris Cooper, Chair & Professor of education and psychology at Duke University, found that students lose at least a month’s worth of learning during summer break, especially in mathematics.

Imagine the effects of your student missing a month of school!  But there is a solution:

Give them a learning-boost over the summer!

Would you like your child to have a 4.0 next year? Actually understand what they were doing in math and science?

Launch Academy’s professional staff has outlined the major concepts covered in the majority of high school classes offered.  This allows us to tailor a customized program for your child to make sure they do well in the upcoming school year in their classes.

Normally our program is $50 per hour, but if you sign up before June 10th, we give you 33% off and are offering you a locked-in (unchanging) price of $35 per hour. And, as with all our packages, there is no contract and no sign-up fee.

This offer only lasts through June 10th, so get your locked-in price of $35 per hour and start your child on the path to a 4.0!

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