By Rachel Benson, Launch Academy Tutor Extraordinaire, Professional Writer, and Tulsa’s Premiere English Tutor

Ever wondered how on Earth you’re supposed to go to class, finish homework, keep a job, take tests, and study like there’s no tomorrow while still getting to hang out with friends in high school? Well it’s a whole other ballgame in college.  There are so many meetings, group projects, and oh so many reading assignments that sometimes it feels like having any kind of social life requires another snow apocalypse.  (Remember that year?  I ate hotdogs for a week!)  But don’t worry—despite what others might say, you can definitely make all those straight A’s while still keeping that social life shining!  Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Be friendly in class and in your hall.  Freshman year is the time when people start getting to know each other.  Talk to people in your class, hang out at the cafeteria, and be friendly to people in your hall.  Keeping the door to your room open will encourage other people to come talk to you.  If meeting new people makes you nervous, just remember that a lot of other people are nervous, too.  Making friends is awkward and even sometimes embarrassing, but there are a lot of freshmen who are brand new just like you.  Put yourself out there, make an effort, and find those great people who will make your college life full of jokes and laughter.
  2. Join groups or clubs on campus.  This is one of the best ways to meet new people at college and requires no obligations if you have too much homework.  Often clubs will only meet once a week or month and will give up-to-date newsletters of the latest events offered on campus.  If you join a study group, you hit two birds with one stone by socializing while getting homework done.  Just be careful of fraternities or sororities—partying hard-core can end in some really bad pitfalls the next day.
  3. Take advantage of your time.  Instead of watching Netflix or using SnapChat between classes, put away the phone and start working on assignments.  It may not seem like much, but if you have just three classes in a day with half an hour in-between, that’s an hour’s worth of work you just got rid of during the day.  Depending on the teacher, you can knock off even more time if the professor starts class a few minutes late.
  4. Find cheap or free activities to do by your college.  Let’s face it—sometimes it feels good to get off campus for a while.  It’s even better if there’s something you can do for free!  Check out what’s fun to do in your town and invite people to go hang out there for the night.  People are always willing to try something cheap, and you’d be surprised what some places have to offer!
  5. Remember to take a break.  College life is a crazy whirlwind of activity, and sometimes we need to charge up after a hard week to avoid burning out.  Go to a coffee shop, read your favorite book, or watch a movie with a bowl of ice cream.  Do whatever makes you feel less stressed so you’re ready to tackle the next day again!


School, rest, and keeping a social life are all important parts of your life—just remember to not let one dominate the others.  Keep it balanced and keep managing your time well, and you’ll be sure to have a great time at college!


Keep it real,

-Rachel Benson


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