How Daniel Craig’s fashion affects your life and your wallet

Skyfall came out a couple weeks ago and even the merciless Rotten Tomato gave it a 92% rating!

But Daniel Craig wasn’t always the cool, well-put-together fashion protege we know today. If you’d like a complete picture chronology of his fashion evolution, check out this GQ article on it. If you’d prefer the quickie look, just check out the pictures here:

Crazy! But how does this connect to your life and your wallet? Well, let me tell you.

If you were to look at Daniel Craig’s movie budget and his fashion taste, you’d see they both went up together. Coincidence? NOT A CHANCE!

Fashion does much more than control the first-impression people have of you. It puts you in a different mindset – this can go both ways. Dress like James Bond, and you feel like him, and probably even act like him too! Dress like Bob the Slob, and you’ll feel like him, and probably act like him also.

Which would you rather be?

Too many studies to count have also shown that how you feel and perceive yourself controls your academic performance. If you feel like a genius and a scholar, your actions will follow it! Simple enough.

Here’s 3 styles you can go to school in, feel 100%, and get grades to match that:

1) The Genius

– Geniuses know why they’re in school. To learn. Grades are important but not as important as learning. Neutral tones help keep you focused and your hair is usually
kept in a minimalist style. You don’t mind wearing the same thing twice, so wrinkle-free is a must for you. Your appearance, just like your daytimer and desk, is organized and put-together. No scruff to be found.


2) The Scholar

– Scholars have a bit more of flair than Geniuses do. While they do dress up a little bit more, academics are still number one. They walk into a classroom, cool and confident, knowing why they’re there and that they can handle the task. They enjoy wearing blacks and greys as a sign of their academic dominance and are usually in vogue with the latest fashions. They often wear some type of a “throwback” with their current fashion too.


3) The Creative

– Creatives enjoy bright colors, yet the go together inexplicably well. Think Ralph Lauren. Their style is much more relaxed yet they are still put together and, in turn, professional. There’s a fine

line between fashionable and looney, but the creative knows how to walk it. They typically are very open to helping others in the classroom with their work and always keep their appearance up for such unplanned encounters. Just as they enjoy coming up with new ways to learn things (drawing pictures, making songs, etc), they enjoy mix-matching various fashions – i.e. fedoras and Letterman jackets.

Which style are you?

FINAL NOTE: Dressing the part is still not enough. While it helps put you in those various mindsets, YOU have to act like it too.

YOU have to choose how people will remember you.

Stay Smart.

Dominick Cooper, Director of Launch Academy, 2012 Nominee for Young Entrepreneur of the Year, University Guest Speaker, and 2011 Winner of the DaVinci Scholar Award

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