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By Dominick Cooper, Founder of Launch Academy Tutoring Company, University Guest Speaker on Education, and 2013 Nominee for Tulsa’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Are you ready for crazy statistics?

  • Tutoring is a 5 billion dollar industry, growing from 500 million in 2001.
  • Kumon, the largest tutoring franchise in America, has 1,400+ centers – That’s almost as large as Denny’s or Popeye’s.
  • There are 50+ different tutoring franchises in the United States
  • A “premiere” tutor from Princeton Review costs $450 per hour, while a “non-premiere” tutor costs only $115 per hour.

Needless to say, tutoring is not only a ever increasing sector in the American economy but its costs are rising!

With rising tutoring, why aren’t American schools getting better? I think it’s two fold.

  1. Education Spending has been cut in 34+ states since 2008
  2. Tutoring companies are using antiquated practices

While I can’t currently help the first issue, the second one can be quickly addressed. Here are 5 reasons I believe tutoring companies are failing to meet many student’s needs:

5 Most Common Tutoring Mistakes

1.  Their system is too rigid

One issue with the public education system is it is still based on a “one-size fits all” approach. Yes, they do have alternative education and Vo-Tech but those are the exception and not the norm.  So, why are tutoring companies copying the framework of the problem? It’s embarrasingly redundant when students don’t do well in the education system, so they try to get tutoring at a company that models that same system.

2.  Their system is too flexible

On the flip side, I’ve seen lots of tutoring companies out there that are way too flexible – there is no structure! Students just come in, work on homework, and then leave. Yes, their grades increase (because the tutor essentially did their homework), but they didn’t learn anything.  In essence, they are developing a tutor crutch – They can’t perform on their own.

3.  There is no guarantee

If you bought a service that made certain “promises” and they didn’t deliver, you’d ask for a refund or some form of compensation! Yet, so many tutoring companies don’t have a guarantee policy! Always read the fine print to see if you’re buying results or a lemon.

4.  It’s not 1-on-1

In a famous study done by Dr. Benjamin Bloom (of Bloom’s Taxonomy), he found that 1-on-1 tutoring put students in the 98th percentile. Yes, you read that right. If you don’t believe me, you can check out the full report here. Not only is 1-to-1 tutoring so much better than 2-to-1 or 3-to-1, but, with multiple students, both the tutors and the tutorees attentions are divided with the other students.  In the right setting, this arrangement can work but that is very rare.

5.  Their tutors can’t teach

All of us know someone who is incredibly smart and, when you ask them to explain something to you, they simply cannot. And it’s not something on their part – they just can’t teach. Amazingly, many tutoring companies don’t even have a process or system by which to see if their tutors can actually teach.  Some tutoring companies require a teaching license but, any student will tell you, that is not a guarantee that the person can teach.

If you’re interested to see how we’re a little different and why we’re Tulsa’s #1 Test Prep Company, check our about page right here!

Stay Smart.

– Dominick Cooper

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