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Have you ever wondered what your student would make on the ACT / SAT but didn’t want to pay $50+ for the national test?

Now you can!

At Launch Academy, we believe in concrete, verifiable results. That’s why, for all our students who take the ACT or SAT, we require them to either have taken the ACT before or, if they haven’t, take a mock ACT with us.  This allows us to have a base score to go off of and then predict what their score increase might be.

There is also another reason for this pre-tutoring data.

Our tutors are paid based on how many points your student would increase!

Yes, you read that right. If your student doesn’t increase their score, their tutor doesn’t get paid.

Now, this isn’t to scare your student or make them nervous, but to show you that our tutors not only know what to teach (they’ve all scored a 30 or higher) but also how to teach.

With many tutoring companies, results can be hit-or-miss. That’s why, for our tutoring, we’ve established this results-oriented framework and we’ve seen some incredible results.  Here’s just a few testimonials from past clients:

Our daughter enjoyed working with her tutor so much!  And the fact that she made a 29 on her ACT isn’t too bad either!

Lori C.

Launch Academy was able to help my son [high school senior] get an ACT score high enough to cover 80% of his college tuition. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to get a great ACT score because it was practical, flexible, and gave my son and I exactly what we were looking for.

Gina B.

Our son’s test scores improved a lot! I know that he would have not scored as high without the help of Launch Academy. They were able to help in all the areas he needed improvement in.

Cheryl R.

Every Saturday, we host a mock ACT that is totally FREE of charge! Because we print the tests ourselves, we do require that parents or students set up a time at least 48 hours in advance and plan on being there for about 3 and a half hours.

The test time is from 9am-11:30am is located at our downtown offices. You can find the location by clicking here.

So, if you’re curious to see where your student would fall on these standardized tests and would like to know what specific areas they need help with, contact us! We’d be happy to answer any questions and get you set up for this complimentary assessment!

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