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SAT Master-Cheater Turned Tutor

How to Use TI-84 Equation Solver

How to Use TI-84 Polynomial Root Finder

How to Use TI-84 Simultaneous Equation (Systems of Equations) Solver

ACT Strategy - Plug in Numbers

ACT Strategy - Plug in Numbers

ACT Strategy - How to Read Faster

ACT Strategy - "Cheat" Using the Answers

ACT Strategy - How to Guess on Questions

A few of our testimonials

  • Our daughter enjoyed working with her tutor so much!  And the fact that she made a 29 on her ACT isn't too bad either!

    Lori C. Mother of Soccer Extraordinaire
  • The ACT Prep Program helped our daughter with all the areas she needed.  We were thrilled when she got a 30 on the ACT and love the fact that she has options when going to college.

    Susan P. Mother of High School Senior
  • Launch Academy was able to help my son [high school senior] get an ACT score high enough to cover 80% of his college tuition. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to get a great ACT score because it was practical, flexible, and gave my son and I exactly what we were looking for.

    Gina B. The Sports Mom
  • Launch Academy was able to help my daughter's essay writing skills and has given her renewed confidence with the subject. It has not been her strongest subject but she's now getting As on all her papers. This was exactly what we needed!

    Gala R. Mother of High School Sophomore
  • Launch Academy was able to help my son get a better grade in math and chemistry. He hadn't been strong in academics, but thanks to Launch Academy he got his grades and is even graduating a year early! We are thrilled with the results.

    Barbara O. Mother of High School Junior
  • My tutor helped me get my grades up. I rose two letter grades in math!

    Tyler O. The New Math Guru
  • My tutoring expectations were about a 10, you guys measured about an 11! (Scored a 72/80 on the ASVAB test)

    Colton R. The Air Force Man
  • Our son's test scores improved a lot! I know that he would have not scored as high with out the help of Launch Academy. They were able to help in all the areas he needed improvement in.

    Cheryl R. Mother of High School Senior
  • My tutor took time to teach the concepts I needed to learn, even though I was needing a lot of help with simpler math. I never felt pressured or silly because I didn't know something.

    Pablo A. Computer Science Major
  • I was impressed at our tutor's knowledge of learning style differences. He incorporated different techniques as he worked with my daughter on her material.

    Clay C. Homeschool Father
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