Launch Academy doesn’t just “teach” students their academic subject matter. We strive to make them better students – to prepare them to not only be successful in their current
academic studies but in the unknown future.




There are lots of tutoring companies in Tulsa (some of them good) but the majority of them cater to the masses, offering quick fixes for their students’ learning rather than real solutions. This is where we are different and become passionate about our mission. Dr. Benjamin Bloom, a renowned educational psychologist, did a famous study and found that students who were tutored 1-on-1 with mastery learning techniques (not moving on to the next concept without fully understanding the current one) were ranked in the 98th percentile of their peers. A good grade on a test is fantastic, but, to be really successful, you need something more.  That’s why we incorporate creativity, critical thinking, ambition, motivation, and other life principles necessary for a successful, fulfilling life.


A Passion for Learning

Launch Academy’s creative approach to learning has seen great results and your child can benefit from them too! Each tutoring package includes:

[icon name=icon-ok-sign] Customized Tutoring Program
[icon name=icon-ok-sign] Emphasis on life-skills such as communication, critical thinking, and creativity
[icon name=icon-ok-sign] The latest tips & techniques for crushing high-stakes tests
[icon name=icon-ok-sign] Increased motivation and passion for learning
[icon name=icon-ok-sign] Training in smarter technology for more learning and less computing
[icon name=icon-ok-sign] Development of life goals and personal talents


 Our numbers show that our methods and techniques work…






Student/Tutor Ratio Tutoring Subjects Offered Average ACT Score Percentage of families who recommend us



Expect More than Tutoring


To see if our program best matches your student’s needs, schedule a FREE consultation – no conditions, no obligations.

In addition, we believe that our results can speak for themselves, so all our programs are NO CONTRACT, NO SIGN UP FEE.

Furthermore, we take the hassle out of driving by coming straight to you. Whether you prefer the comfort of your own home or a coffee shop or library nearby, it saves you time in a busy world.

In the News

Founder of Launch Academy featured on Fox 23

Launch Academy, on Fox 23,  talks about how they can help students get from where they are to where they want to be.

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