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Academic Mentorship Program

Remember that New Year’s Resolution you or your student made to do better in school and get organized?

Yeah, you haven’t done a thing, have you?

Look, you’re not alone. Time-management, organization, and effective study skills is not easy and the hundreds of books and methods relating to them make it even harder to start. So why bother with an academic mentorship?

Well for starters:

– It only takes one hour per week

– Each meeting is highly structured to help you reach your goal

– We can even help you with tutoring if you need some help

– You’ll be learning the same skills and habits that millionaires use

So why should you enroll in our Academic Mentorship Program?

Our program has one of the most effective and flexible frameworks out there. Not only that, it’s also contagiously motivational and with it you will learn how to do things like:

Manage your time and stay organized

Set Goals and Build Action Steps to reach them

Utilize private tutoring for maximum gains

Give your GPA a much-needed makeover

That’s what so great about our Academic Mentorship Program … it’s entirely customized to each student. Our mentors are academic superstars themselves, we supply tons of resources, and we recommend it for anyone whose student is a great academic but can’t seem to stay organized, manage their time effectively, or stay motivated with school.

With Launch Academy’s program, which regularly costs $299 per month, you get:

– A one-hour weekly session with one of our company directors

– A custom-made weekly checklist to make sure you are moving forward with your goals

– Complimentary Homework Help

– 24/7 support via email

– Free copy of our Ultimate Collection of ACT Practice Questions and Resources

– 10+ best-selling, personal growth books

For a limited time, we’re giving it to you for only $99 per month (that’s nearly 67% off!)

This is the lowest price this program has EVER been offered. We just updated the course this year, so you’re getting the latest and freshest material.

Ready to become an academic rockstar? Contact us today!

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